Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Married life is busy!

Whoever said life after wedding would be quiet was crazy! Since we got married 3.5 weeks ago, we have been on the go non-stop and we haven't had much time to just sit and relax. Granted, last week we also had our carpets changed, which was a lot of work and not typical of our normal lives (or anyone's really).

But from the looks of it, things won't be settling down anytime soon. Right now for freelance, I have five magazine articles to write and one brochure to update. I'm also taking an evening class, so for homework, I have my weekly reading and journal to do, plus a presentation to give next Monday and a final assignment to get working on as it's due in early December. Plus husband and I need to pick-up, write and mail our thank you cards for the wedding.

Whew! I'm hoping to get a lot done the rest of this week and over the weekend. Here's my to do list:

- Write and practice my presentation for class
- Get approval on one freelance article
- Finish writing another article
- Interview expert and write a 3rd article
- Read Chapter 7 of textbook
- Do Chapter 7 journal
- Do 2-4 final assignment questions
- Pick up wedding thank you cards from Costco
- Write half of the TY cards (25 of 50 - I'm hoping husband will do his friends/family, so that will be an easy check!)

That doesn't even include normal cleaning items or social activities. Hopefully I have some time for fun!

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