Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Spend Challenge

I love eating out. I love not having to figure out what to have for dinner that will please both husband and I. I love not having a mess in the kitchen and not having to clean it up. I love perusing a menu and deciding what to get.

But I hate paying the bill.

We are generally pretty good about not eating out, but when the food in the house starts to dwindle, out goes our motivation. We have been really bad lately too. I think part of it was being so used to eating out when we were on the honeymoon. But I'm going to issue a 'no spend' challenge for ourselves, particularly when it comes to food. I was going to say this would start after the weekend, as its a long weekend coming up, but I realized that I'll always have some excuse or another to put it off, so it's starting now!

I guess I better clue in husband... ;)

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