Monday, November 21, 2011

To Do list accomplishments

- Read Chapter 8 of textbook

- Questions #2, 7 & 8 of final assignment

- Journal Chapter 8
FAIL! Husband wanted to go to the in-laws to watch football earlier than I expected, so I didn't have time to do this. BUT, I did take my textbook over there with me and I got through 3/4 of Chapter 9, putting me ahead for next weekend.

- Address envelopes or confirm if mother-in-law will address them (for our wedding thank you cards)FAIL! We saw her on Saturday and forgot to ask. Husband called today but didn't reach her.

- Harass husband to fill out his thank you cards (I did my friends and family, he's doing his)My part is done! Husband promises me they will be done for tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can figure out the answer to the above point by then too.

- Update budgetFAIL! Complete fail - no excuse on this one.

- Find hotel for post-cruise in HawaiiHALF DONE! We found one we like. I have to sit down and crunch some numbers and make sure the cost is do-able though. A hotel in Hawaii is going to be fairly expensive no matter what, but seeing as how we're going to be spending 98% of the time sleeping in the hotel room and then out on the beach, we don't really care about views or such. It's more about a prime location.

- Get rid of misc. wedding stuff once and for allOne more thing left to get rid of. A friend of mine is coming over this week and she may like this item - it was a wedding gift that we didn't register for and it's not our cup of tea (literally - they're Japanese tea cups).
 - Review wedding photos and select those for framing (the photo album is going to be my big project after my course is done)
HALF DONE! I've narrowed them down to maybe 20 or so that are my top picks! Husband and I have to sit down together and select the few that we're putting into the various frames and get correct sizing. He was working all weekend though, so this will have to wait until we both have a free evening this week to review them together.

I think I had a fairly productive weekend. I may not have accomplished everything on my list, but I got out and had some fun. We saw J. Edgar with Leonardo DiCaprio, which was pretty good. Definitely a bio-pic, so not a ton of drama or such, but the acting was stellar. We went out for dinner on Saturday and over to the in-laws on Sunday. I did a lot of cleaning around the house and got some Christmas shopping done too.

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