Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hawaiian Honeymoon

We leave for our Hawaiian honeymoon in just over a month now! I'm so excited, but I also have that practical PF part of me that keeps thinking about the budget, so I thought it would be a good time to go over the costs.

Cruise - $4,429 (includes cruise, 2 nights hotel pre-cruise and a tour in Honolulu)
Flights - $404 (we used air miles, so this is just the taxes)
Excursions - $1,048 (we have 5 excursions planned, including a volcano hike, waterfall and rainforest hike and a luau. We figure we're only going to do this once, so we should make the most of it).
Hotel - $371 (this is for 2 nights post-cruise)
Passports - $174

Total to date: $6,426

Other costs to come: food (pre and post-cruise), spending money, and extras on-board, such as alcohol.
I want to keep the total cost under $7,000, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm guessing it'll wind up being closer to $7,500.

But I am very proud that we've been able to pay for everything so far in "cash" (charged to credit card for the air miles and then paid off immediately).

Adding up this trip and our first honeymoon (trip to Montreal and Quebec right after the wedding), we'll have spent about $10,000 on travel. To me, this was so much better than putting that $10K towards the wedding. We still had an awesome wedding for $13,000, but we also get two trips that we can enjoy as a couple.

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