Monday, April 30, 2012

Ask, and ye shall receive

So I went home for lunch today and in my mailbox was a letter from MTS, our cell phone and internet provider. It was dated April 24 and said that my credit card transaction did not go through and that they would try again in 2 weeks. But, because of this, I would be charged a $30 service fee.

I knew right away why the transaction didn't go through. I got a new Mastercard because BMO suspected some fraudulent activity and automatically issued me a new card with a new number. So, on April 21, I phoned in to activate the new card (therefore cancelling the old card), and right away phoned all of the businesses that I have set up on automatic payments... MTS being one of them.

But, I phoned MTS at lunch today, talked to a very pleasant customer service rep and explained what happened to him. He looked into my file and saw that indeed I had changed the card number. But of course, communication on their end was lacking and the billing office didn't get the information in time or whatever, and they tried to charge the old card. But, because it was not my fault, he waived the $30 fee!

Morale of the story - always ask!

Even if there had been an issue with the card and it was my fault, I probably still would have called. I've been a loyal customer with MTS for 10+ years, so that alone gives me enough reason to call in and ask them to waive the fee for me. Always ask - it doesn't hurt. It took me less than 10 minutes and while doing this, I was making my lunch anyway!

Of course, when the bill does come, you better believe I'm double checking it! ;)

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