Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our house!

I am thrilled to show off our new house! These are images from the real estate listing, so the furnishings are not ours and we will be painting some of the rooms, but you do get a good idea of what it looks like.

From the front:

The porch on the front of the house:

The living room view from the dining room: (that is an area rug, underneath is hardwood floors).

Second picture of the living room: (Through the doorway at the right of the picture, you see another room, which is the entry foyer at the front of the house).

The dining room view from the living room:


The hallway, which leads to the front door, is behind the camera:

The doorway in the picture below leads out to the mudroom, which leads outside:

Stairs going up:

Master bedroom:


Spare bedroom:

Spare bedroom #2 (which will become the office).

Off of the second spare bedroom is the sunroom.

And the outside deck: (to the left is the garage, to the right is the house).

The basement is completely unfinished, but we like that we have that blank slate to work with in the future. We may turn it into a rec room and then add a second bathroom. Right now it just has the washer and dryer down there.

All the stainless steel appliances are remaining, as well as the lighting fixtures. We are going to keep the dining room as is, as I love that dark accent wall with the white frames. The bathroom will be painted, as well as the two spare bedrooms. But all in good time! I like that it is essentially move in ready, and it's also to our taste, so we won't want to change much.

We've bought some new bedroom furniture already, which will be delivered to the new house. We also want to get some area rugs - one for the living room and one for our master bedroom for sure. Husband wants one for the dining room, which I'm not too keen on, but we'll see. We might get a few small ones for the spare room and office too, but no rush.

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