Friday, July 13, 2012

Being a home owner

(Excuse the rambling in this post - so much to talk about in regards to the new house... I'll try to segment the topics after this!) 

Owning a house is a huge difference - I don't think I realized how much different it would be. It's one of those things where hind sight really kicks in. While I don't regret owning the house and I think this is definitely the house for us, I do wish we had planned everything a bit better. But then again, I don't think you can really, truly know what to plan for unless you go through it. 

I am very thankful for our family who have chipped in and given us items for the house. My mom, who just a few months ago went from a house to an apartment, gave us all her tools that she'll never need again, from screwdriver sets to a cordless drill to ladders. Now we're fully set for any emergencies - we have anything and everything you could possibly think of. Things that I didn't even know existed (who knew there were so many different types of saws!). My mom also said she'll buy us a closet organizer as a house warming gift (must needed as our house is old and the closets are small!). We just have to measure the master bedroom closet and go shopping. 

We also got a very nice gift card for a home decor store from my in-law's. I wanted to buy an area rug, as we now have hardwood floors (and we and the cats are used to carpet), but due to the price of rugs, I didn't think it would be possible anytime soon. But with their gift card, we were able to pick up an area rug, plus a few other things for around the house. 

Some friends also gave us gift cards for a house warming gift, so we'll be able to pick up other necessary things as they come up. 

There are a few little things that we want to do around the house, some we knew about before we moved in and some that are coming up as we live in the house. But we're trying to wait until we've been in the house for at least a month. I'd like to update the bathroom vanity (it has a pedestal sink, which I hate and wasn't really installed properly, so I want to get one with a vanity/cabinet), change the kitchen faucet (doesn't quite go with the modern decor) and paint a few rooms. Plus the inside front door is old and can be a pain to open and close and it doesn't have a lock, so I wouldn't mind changing that. We also want to get a new furnace, something that is high-efficiency, but that was built into our mortgage, so we can do that without having to worry about the cost. 

But, there's lots of time to get all this done and nothing is really a big rush. From what I hear, there's always some project or another to do once you're a home owner!

Up next... our first home repair is needed! (A.K.A. We meet the neighbours)

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