Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gift cards: thoughtful or lazy?

I typically don't like gift cards - giving or receiving. While in some ways it would be nice to take the easy way out and give a gift card for Christmas or birthdays, I prefer to put more thought into giving a gift or having someone put thought into a gift they buy me. However, if someone chooses the right gift card, it can be great. Lululemon anyone?! Or giving a couple a gift card to a nice restaurant they love, but can't afford. Or a massage gift certificate to a new mom. You can put some thought into buying a gift card!

The infographic below has some amazing stats on gift card purchases. The stat that surprised me the most was that 20% of consumers have never given a gift card - I thought this number would be much lower. And really - people buy gift cards for kids?! Kids are so easy to shop for.

Are there any figures that jump out at you?

Holiday Gift Card Survey 2012 - MyPoints
Source: Holiday Gift Card Survey 2012 - MyPoints

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