Friday, November 30, 2012

November goals update and December goals

I have been so excited for December 1st! I've really been looking forward to putting up the tree, decorating for Christmas and enjoying the holidays, even more so this year than previous ones. And I think we're kicking off the month on a good footing as I did pretty well on my goals this month.

November goals:
  • Put up wedding photos. FAIL! It seems this one is going to take a lot longer to get done! We decided we want to paint the hallway and stairwell (where the photos will go), so no point in putting up pictures beforehand. 
  • Meet with lawyer to figure out the house stuff. FAIL! But not for lack of trying. Our lawyer was on vacation and he just got back. We have an appointment to sit down with him next week.
  • Write our wills. DONE! I am soooo happy we got this done. It took two evenings and some research on what to include, but they're signed and sealed! I feel so adult and responsible! 
  • Increase Husband's RRSP contribution. DONE! Husband has been making more money over the past few months, so I wanted to make sure his contribution was still a good percentage of his income. 
  • Paint the office and/or spare room. FAIL! We still have to go buy the paint, but the store hours are very limited (closed evenings and the one near our house is also closed weekends). The one further away is open on Saturdays though and since our voucher for cheap paint expires in 2 weeks, I've told Husband it's do or die time! No more excuses!
  • Get 75% of Christmas shopping done. DONE! I honestly don't know if I've hit that 75% mark, but I think I've been pretty successful so far so I'm considering this done.
  • Fix Blackberry. DONE! I had to check out some websites, email some people, but I wound up doing a complete restore and it's all fixed now.
  • Set up interviews for 2 of 4 freelance articles. DONE AND DONE! I actually set up and did 2 interviews, wrote one of the articles and am working on the second! After that I'll wait until after the holidays to tackle the other two.
We also got confirmation that Husband's life insurance was increased through my work as we had sent this request in earlier in the year. Now I have to bug him more to get the life/disability insurance set up through his work! The more insurance the better IMO.

December goals:
  • Finish Christmas shopping. 
  • Decorate our house for the holidays.
  • Finish second freelance article.
  • Meet with lawyer to figure out the house stuff. 
  • Buy the paint! I'm not even going to pretend like we'll get the painting done this month, but we have to buy the paint before those vouchers expire on Dec. 15. 
  • Read Gone With the Wind. A friend of mine lent this to me a few months ago, so it's high time I read it!
  • Volunteer for two holiday charities. Husband and I are signed up to volunteer for Operation Red Nose, which helps keep impaired drivers off the roads during the holidays. I'd also like to deliver Christmas hampers again.
  • Enjoy the holidays!

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