Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday's This & That

  • Our lawyer will be sending us a cheque for the extra interest paid on our house! When we bought the house, we were told you had to pay interest for the period of time between the transaction and when it closes (or something like that). We were charged a set amount of $1,000 and told that we'd get the extra back when everything was complete. Four months later, we still haven't received it. I finally called and I guess they had been sitting on it for awhile, so the assistant is now going to send it to us. Can we get interest on our interest? :P  I'm not sure yet how much it'll be for yet, but hopefully a few hundred bucks. 
  • We got our first full water bill and it's a low to normal amount, which is good to know. We obviously don't have any leaks anywhere and we're not wasteful.
  • We did up our wills! It took two evenings, but they're all done! 
  • Husband and I saw Argo last weekend and it was really good! I highly recommend it.
  • We splurged and bought some extra Christmas decorations. Now that we have a house, there's more space to decorate, and as we only just bought our first Christmas stuff last year, there was still a lot we didn't have. I'm being forced to wait until Dec. 1 to put up the tree though.
  • The Canadian penny is being laid to rest at the end of this year, so I rolled a jar of pennies I had laying around. I have enough for a (cheap) lunch - $8.53. 

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