Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For the person who has everything

Everyone has one of those people on their list... that person who is impossible to shop for, seems to have everything he/she wants and can't give you any gift ideas other than gift cards or something very expensive. That person for me is my father-in-law.

After peppering Husband's stepmom with questions, harassing my siblings-in-law with various ideas that never panned out and throwing in the towel several times, telling Husband to worry about this himself, I finally found the perfect gift... a powerbag!
(Note: I am not paid to endorse this product. I found this item through good ol' google searches and reading articles and I just love the product!). 

A powerbag has a complete charging system inside, so all you have to do is charge the bag when you're home or around electricity, and then, when you're on the go and can't charge your smart phone, tablet, e-reader or laptop, the bag does it for you! It's the perfect gift for a student, business professional who is on the road a lot, a techie, or someone who loves to travel (like my father-in-law). The powerbag comes in either backpack or sling style, a messenger bag or briefcase. Prices range from $139.99 US to $249.99. We opted for a backpack style and split the cost with my brother-in-law so the price fit our budget.

My father and mother-in-law are going on a trip to Spain in the new year and this is perfect for their trip. Between the two of them, they have a tablet, a smart phone and two e-readers and this will carry and charge all four at once.

I'm really excited for him to get this bag on Christmas!

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