Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa was good to me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We are going to our third and last Christmas outing today, but already Santa has been good to me!

Husband bought me a beautiful Pandora bracelet. I've been coveting one as I think it would be a great way to remember life events, trips or just general good times. I got the typical sterling silver bracelet, along with three charms to get me started:

A graduation cap, to honour me receiving my management certificate earlier this year:
Pandora Graduation Hat Dangle Charm

A cat to represent my fur babies:

And lastly, this gorgeous pillow with gold rings to signify our marriage:

He also bought me two spacers to keep the charms in place. They each have a ruby (my birthstone) inset in sterling silver with a nice etched design.

On top of that, he bought me a PS3 Move and a couple games! He went way over budget, but it's hard to get mad!

Yesterday evening we went to my sister's for Christmas dinner. The food was delicious (my mom's stuffing is the best!).

My sister and her wife bought me a couple of really funny cat books, including The Oatmeal's How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You and the movie Cinderella (my favourite Disney flick).

My mom bought me a new iPod nano in purple! My walks home will be so much better as my current iPod is quite old and the battery keeps dying quickly, especially in the cold.

In addition, she got me a cute bracelet, some more movies, a book, a yoga mat strap, a Lululemon headband and this beauty:

Lululemon's No Limits tank (in white, with a white and black striped sports bra).

We also had our Christmas with Husband's mom and brother on Christmas Eve. She bought us a CAA membership, which we will hopefully not have to use, but may come in handy. She also got me a scarf that will be returned (it's a hockey scarf and I don't watch hockey and I have a million scarves already :P). She's notoriously bad for buying bad gifts. But she did get me a cute pair of mismatched socks:

 My brother-in-law bought us a ton of solid tupperware (it was on our list and it's much needed/wanted) and a panini/sandwich maker. He also got me a gift card for the movies with orders not to go with Husband. :)

Tonight we're heading to Husband's dad's to celebrate with that side of the family.

After that, our Christmas festivities are over, but I'm on holidays until January 2nd! I'm hoping to get in some reading, cleaning and sleeping!

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