Friday, March 15, 2013

March Goals - Update

I have been cruising along on the goals this month! Here's the mid-month update:
  • Lose 5 lbs. On track! I've lost 2-3 pounds so far this month and I've lost 10 pounds in total since January!
  • Put $500 towards our foundation savings goal. DONE! We have put aside $3,302 thanks to our tax refunds! As long as we put aside our allotted $500 each month from now until June, we will easily meet our goal. This also frees up my freelance income which I had earmarked for the foundation and we won't have to use our home repair fund. (I know that this is what we have the fund for, but I'd rather keep saving than have to use it so soon after buying the house.)
  • Complete two freelance interviews (and articles, depending on when the interview falls). I have been calling and emailing and still no luck. The deadline is very quickly approaching, so the time to threaten has begun!
  • Buy new runners. DONE! My goal was to spend $150 before taxes and the before tax price was $145. My old runners have been retired to the closet and I'll just pull them out when we go on vacations.
  • Install new shower head.  DONE! I'll be curious to see if our water bill goes down thanks to the new low-flow shower head.
  • Complete Husband's taxes. DONE! And we have already gotten back both refunds.
  • Buy and install new kitchen faucet. We have purchased the faucet, but it's not yet installed. I'm hoping I can get Husband to do it this weekend or next. 

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