Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

First, how did I do with my March goals?
March Goals:
  • Lose 5 lbs. PASS. I have been getting lazy again, but I did lose a few pounds. I need some more motivation as once I hit my 120s, I found that I relaxed a bit and these last 5-10 pounds are killing me. 
  • Put $500 towards our foundation savings goal. DONE! We have put aside $3,302 thanks to our tax refunds! As long as we put aside our allotted $500 each month from now until June, we will easily meet our goal. This also frees up my freelance income which I had earmarked for the foundation and we won't have to use our home repair fund. (I know that this is what we have the fund for, but I'd rather keep saving than have to use it so soon after buying the house.)
  • Complete two freelance interviews (and articles, depending on when the interview falls). DONE! I was finally able to get people on the phone and I completed all of the freelance articles I had to do for April 1st, plus some work that came in at the last minute! I did a total of four freelance articles in just a couple weeks!
  • Buy new runners. DONE! My goal was to spend $150 before taxes and I the before tax price was $145 or so. My old runners have been retired and I'll just pull them out when we go on vacations. 
  • Install new shower head.  DONE! I'll be curious to see if our water bill goes down thanks to the new low-flow shower head.
  • Complete Husband's taxes. DONE! And we have already gotten back both refunds.
  • Buy and install new kitchen faucet. DONE! We had some trouble finding a faucet that would fit our sink (it's built in to the concrete countertops rather than sitting on top, so there isn't much room available where the faucet sits). We finally found something that works and that we like, but it was a bit more expensive than we had originally wanted to spend, so we're putting next month's planned spending money towards it too. Unfortunately the soap dispenser that comes with it is a little bit too big still, but Husband should be able to sand it down at the back or do something so it'll fit. That's not done yet, but the faucet itself is in and that's what matters!
Overall, very successful I think. We have also been getting a lot of small home reno's done, like re-caulking the tub and finally *gasp* painting! (More on the painting in another post.)

April Goals:
  • Lose 3 lbs. As I get closer to my goal it's tougher to lose weight, so I'm going to be realistic and aim for 3 lbs this month. That will get me to the higher end of my goal weight.
  • Put $500 towards our foundation savings goal.
  • Go to hot yoga 3x. I bought a 10-session pass on Groupon awhile back and I have 6 more sessions to go. It's not my favourite activity, but I'd like to get my money's worth and it will probably help with my weight loss goal.
  • Do an inventory of our possessions. I want to be sure that if something happens (fire, theft, etc.) we have a clear list that identifies what we own and the approximate retail value for insurance purposes.
  • Give myself an at-home facial. I would love to go for more facials, but it seems a bit extravagant when we're trying to save money for the house and some trips. I'd like to give myself an at-home facial so I can enjoy some of the benefits without the high cost. There are some great homemade facial recipes here to try.
  • Book my spa trip with the girls.  
  • Spring cleaning! This will be our first spring in the house, so I have to do some research on what to do to prep the house for summer. Any advice?

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