Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday's This & That

  • The painting of our upstairs is finally happening! I gave up waiting for Husband to do it and I hired our neighbour who is a professional painter. He's giving us the friends and family rate, so it's a cheap job and well worth the money! The office and the spare bedroom are already done, minus some touch ups. Up next is the hallway and staircase, which is just a basic white, so that won't take too long.
  • My shopping fast is coming along nicely. I haven't bought new clothes in five months!
  • I am re-watching Veronica Mars after news that a movie is finally going to be made! I loved this show when it was on and I own all of the seasons on DVD, so it's a free way to entertain myself at home. 
  • We got a cheap oil change from Canadian Tire (thanks to a coupon) and they also changed our winter tires for us free of charge!
  • We may get the insurance money to pay for the foundation! I talked to someone at the City and all we need is a letter from our engineer and then the City can issue us an Order on the house saying the work isn't to code and needs to be replaced. This is the key component that the insurance company said they needed before they would pay out. So I've emailed our engineer, but getting him to send that letter should not be a problem at all. Once we have the Order, we can hopefully just fax it to the insurance company and wait some more. I don't want to get my hopes up, but this is the one thing the insurance company said they needed...
  • Husband and I both got new phones - the Samsung Galaxy S3! I'm loving the OS and it's a lot faster and easier to use than my old BlackBerry. I'm getting used to the touch keyboard, which I figured I would hate, but it's much easier to use than I thought. Both phones were free as we signed new contracts. The monthly charges will be higher, but Husband really wanted a smart phone and my old smart above average phone wasn't cutting it anymore.

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